Future Wheel

One of my freelance heart projects is the Female Leadership Programm Shift F which is hosted by the Erich Pommer Institut. Together with Nele Fischer I developed one module. This programm is especially designed for female leaders from the media industry. The media sector is facing huge changes like dying cinemas or missing incomes for the music sector from festivals and concerts cause corona hit this industry pretty hard.

As the saying goes “Life is what happens while your are busy making other plans.” In our module we focus on agile innovation management. Agile planning takes the “what happens” into account and helps to stay flexible and to integrate new learnings into the project planning with methods like Scrum. We focus on using innovation as a tool to actively design the future instead of being in a constant reactive mode. We used (mega) trend analysis to get a bigger picture of what hits and will or could hit the industry.  For being able to manage and decide on future developments, we played around with the future wheel method to map direct and indirect impacts. And based on user needs from a Design Thinking Sprint and the combined knowledge of the female leaders from industries like gaming, publishing, music, TV, radio, film production and festivals,  we went into business model innovation.

As leadership capabilities start with the leader herself, we also focussed on the mindset and discussed about what happens when fixed and growth mindsets collide and how to manage situations like these. As always we were impressed how naturally agile planning matches female leadership ;O)