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At the School of Design Thinking, I had the pleasure to coach a wonderful team of very curious and talented students in a great project that is of high value for all people who want to be mobile in Berlin. The BVG (Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe) are deep into designing the mobility of the future and for this they need mobility hubs to offer mobility as a service and not as bus-stop-to-bus stop approach. The students created a VR hub experience to figure out how different mobility offers can co-exist and merge and they designed Kiez-specific hubs. At the end of the project the team presented their solutions to the project partner and we coaches had the honour to introduce our teams. My coach buddy Arndt Pechstein and I decided that we need something special to introduce a special team. So we wrote a rap to tell their Design Thinking learning journey.

Here we go:

This is a rap for the challenge of the gap // Between public transportation and the city’s traffic jam trap // It started with the urge to improve mobility // In the capital of trends in hipster Berlin city //Now for those of you who ain’t no transportation geeks let us quickly take a peek in the teams DT tweak:

It all started out with a 4 students core // With a multitude of backgrounds and their desire to explore // the system of mobility with an empathy approach. So they started their journey and we’ve been their coach. 

The BVG challenge was on mobility hubs, on connecting providers with urban infrastructures.

Seamless transition, a mission with a vision and lots of competition. // No problem for the Hub Team, the A-Team for the real dream. So keen so screen the people of Berlin. To observe and dig deeper, to listen and dive into: mobility, flexibility, accessibility and tranquility.

So the team did some fieldwork and went to the streets. Talked to stakeholders and users of car sharing fleets. They went to all districts in Berlin called Kiez. And came back with insights which are known as needs. They set out to design new solutions and they synthesised conclusions. Constructed prototypes that were tested and improved. And created an experience that ultimately moved // the entire system from generic to concrete. And a synergetic use of providers who compete. 

They focused on urban textures and the green green green. And on user centered gains through mobility that seems // Seamless and connected and enabled by design. And came up with a modular solution well defined. An entire system for future urban use // But before we spoil it all let us introduce:

The I to the S the U – Is uns nicht egal! // The BVG Team that did marvellous work. So let’s wrap it up like a medical bandage. And welcome the team to the HPI grand stage. So give a big hand throw bras and confetti: To Fabio, Jana, Nele and Tati!!

Pic source: Fabio Schmieder