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Begeistern! Praxishandbuch für agile Innovation

Praxishandbuch für agile Innovation

Unser Praxishandbuch für agile Innovation ist auf dem Markt. Das erste deutsche Buch, dass die Themen kompakt und anwendungsorientiert zusammenfasst. Erstellt von Experten aus unserem CoObeya Netzwerk. In…


Social Innovation: Youvo – You create, You volunteer

A wonderful example for social innovation is called Youvo. Youvo is a platform where people can engage creatively for social projects.  The idea is simple and smart: They…

Lecture: Durch Nutzerforschung zur Innovation

Harpa, Iceland

Innovation: Redesign the Opera Experience in Iceland

Together with Hedwig Schaefer I led a diverse group of people: musicians, composers, lighting designers, project managers, opera enthusiasts and sceptics alike, through a 3-day design thinking workshop,…


D.ictionary created at D.Confestival

At the international  d.confestival  at the HPI, a huge festival for all who are interested in design thinking and innovation culture, we conducted an experiment. My colleagues Hedwig…