Innovation in Aerospace

I love to be inspired. I get a lot of inspiration from other domains that have at first glance not much in common with what I do. But…


Leadership: Experience and Enable Human-centered Innovation

In the first module of our digital Senior Management Program for a multinational corporation, leaders immersed themselves in human-centered innovation. They experienced Design Thinking in collaboration across diverse…

Zeit Akademie & HPI Academy - Agile Teamarbeit

Agile Teamarbeit – Agile Führung

  Together with my great colleagues from the HPI Academy we are currently producing a new E-Training and book on the topic of Agile Teamwork in collaboration with the…


Leadership: Virtual Senior Management Programm

We kicked-off our virtual Senior Management Programm for a multinational corporation. 2020 was pretty turbulent so far and senior managers had to lead their teams through times of…

Trend Analysis

Female Leadership – Shift I F Programm

One of my freelance heart projects is the Female Leadership Programm Shift F which is hosted by the Erich Pommer Institut. Together with Nele Fischer I developed one module….

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Mobility Hub Experience

At the School of Design Thinking, I had the pleasure to coach a wonderful team of very curious and talented students in a great project that is of high…

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Global Impact – Global Design Thinking

In times like these I am even more grateful that I can work with open minded change makers who see road blocks as building blocks to create something…


Thoughts about Networking

  At the MIT I was challenged to think about the value of networks: This is my answer: Networks inside and outside the organization are gold. They are…

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Leadership & Corporate Agility

Most important message first. In our complex and dynamic world a single leader never knows as much as their teams combined. Rather than having all the answers they…


Working together despite spatial distance

After we ran all of our workshops and programmes online for several months during the Covid 19 shut down, we finally could welcome a group of professionals back at the…