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Female Leadership – Shift I F Programm

One of my freelance heart projects is the Female Leadership Programm Shift F which is hosted by the Erich Pommer Institut. Together with Nele Fischer I developed one module….

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Mobility Hub Experience

At the School of Design Thinking, I had the pleasure to coach a wonderful team of very curious and talented students in a great project that is of high…

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Leadership & Corporate Agility

Most important message first. In our complex and dynamic world a single leader never knows as much as their teams combined. Rather than having all the answers they…


Working together despite spatial distance

After we ran all of our workshops and programmes online for several months during the Covid 19 shut down, we finally could welcome a group of professionals back at the…


Video Production: Agile Teamwork

Together with my great colleagues from the HPI Academy we are currently producing a new E-Training and book on the topic of Agile Teamwork in collaboration with the Zeit…

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Collaboration is the Key

We need more intersections and more collaboration. In order to tackle all the different challenges that we have to face, global collaboration is the only solution. Seeing all…

The Dive

VR Leadership Experience

  “Captain, what do you intend to do!?” We had a wonderful session playing the Virtual Reality Leadership Experience at Resourceful Humans. First social but still virtual interaction since…

User Experience_Digital Health

Digital Health: Online User Research

I had the pleasure to run several user tests for an app development project in the field of digital health. The UX/UI Designers developed the click dummies and…


Design Thinking Mindset for Innovation

Design Thinking ist mehr als nur ein Prozess. Um Innovationsarbeit in Organisationen und Unternehmen voranzubringen, reichen nicht nur Methoden und Tools. Vielmehr ist das Mindset für viele ExpertInnen…


e:course | Agile Innovation Management – Mindset and Methods in a Nutshell

In times of constant change, innovation is crucial to remain competitive. This online course will explain how to make use of uncertainty as a tool for innovation by…