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Trend Analysis

Female Leadership – Shift I F Programm

One of my freelance heart projects is the Female Leadership Programm Shift F which is hosted by the Erich Pommer Institut. Together with Nele Fischer I developed one module….


Thoughts about Networking

  At the MIT I was challenged to think about the value of networks: This is my answer: Networks inside and outside the organization are gold. They are…


Working together despite spatial distance

After we ran all of our workshops and programmes online for several months during the Covid 19 shut down, we finally could welcome a group of professionals back at the…

The Dive

VR Leadership Experience

  “Captain, what do you intend to do!?” We had a wonderful session playing the Virtual Reality Leadership Experience at Resourceful Humans. First social but still virtual interaction since…


Design Thinking Mindset for Innovation

Design Thinking ist mehr als nur ein Prozess. Um Innovationsarbeit in Organisationen und Unternehmen voranzubringen, reichen nicht nur Methoden und Tools. Vielmehr ist das Mindset für viele ExpertInnen…