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The Dive

VR Leadership Experience

  “Captain, what do you intend to do!?” We had a wonderful session playing the Virtual Reality Leadership Experience at Resourceful Humans. First social but still virtual interaction since…

Foto aus dem Trailer der Zeit Akademie zum Design Thinking Seminar (

Starfish – Brainstorming Method

In a train the trainer session at the HPI School of Design Thinking in 2012 we were supposed to come up with new brainstorming techniques. Moritz Gekeler, Johannes…

photo credit: HPI Academy 2019

Mechanics and Effects of Design Thinking

We are often asked by advanced Design Thinkers about the why and how of the methods we use and the effects they have on team performance and content development….


Strategic Thinking – Purpose, Values, Mission and Vision

Creating or adjusting the company strategy and creating a vision for the future should be key to every company seeking to sail on the waves of constant change. For sure…


User-centered Design at Deutsche Bahn Operations

In the last years I had the pleasure to  to coach and accompany Andreas Bürgler, Head of Operations at Deutsche Bahn Station & Service, and his team in…


Innovation Projects in 7 Countries

CoObeya coaches innovation teams in 7 different countries to run lean start-up innovation projects for a global player. With a combination of Design Thinking, Business Model Generation and Lean…


Methods: Toolkit for agile innovation and transformation

While we were running a huge innovation project in 7 different countries with agile teams we developed a toolkit for agile innovation and transformation. The full bilingual version…

Maßgeschneidertes Raumkonzept für Management-Team