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Strategic Thinking – Purpose, Values, Mission and Vision

Creating or adjusting the company strategy and creating a vision for the future should be key to every company seeking to sail on the waves of constant change. For sure…


User-centered Design at Deutsche Bahn Operations

In the last years I had the pleasure to  to coach and accompany Andreas Bürgler, Head of Operations at Deutsche Bahn Station & Service, and his team in…


Innovation Projects in 7 Countries

CoObeya coaches innovation teams in 7 different countries to run lean start-up innovation projects for a global player. With a combination of Design Thinking, Business Model Generation and Lean…


Methods: Toolkit for agile innovation and transformation

While we were running a huge innovation project in 7 different countries with agile teams we developed a toolkit for agile innovation and transformation. The full bilingual version…

Maßgeschneidertes Raumkonzept für Management-Team