Creating or adjusting the company strategy and creating a vision for the future should be key to every company seeking to sail on the waves of constant change. For sure when you are a player in the innovation business yourself.  A convincing mission statement and values that are vividly lived in the company are important factors for attracting great people who want to be part of the company´s mission.

Strategic thinking is the ability to converge and diverge your thinking and to master both of these thinking modes. Strategic thinking includes big and small scale, long and short term, and switching between past, present and future.

I recently run a series of workshop with the executive board of a very successful company for user experience innovation. We used these workshops to bring new people on board, go deep on company purpose, values, mission & vision as well as value proposition and business model portfolio.

It is important that you can communicate what drives you as a company and for what you stand. It motivates people to work with you, also when it gets tough.

Great to see that the values made it directly to their christmas cards.