Today I had the pleasure to guide students from the HPI School of Design Thinking, who experienced their first Design Thinking project, through a Deep Dive to reflect on what they have experienced and learned. I designed this Deep Dive with my colleague Dr. Arndt Pechstein. Whenever we design a format together we like to challenge ourselves. There a many once-in-a-life-time templates out there. We wanted to create a template for life time. So we came up with a Personal Compass template that helped the students to reflect on their values, their purpose and the legacy they want to leave on this planet. Tough cookie at a young age. But it is essential to be aware of your own values and what is meaningful to you. This creates the basis to be able to speak up for yourself and what to you stand for. We encouraged them to start to think about these topics and revisit this life time template once a year to keep track of their inner compass and reflect on changes they make in life. Thanks for the insightful and sparking discussions dear change makers!!

Screenshot 2020-11-27 at 19.01.04