source: Space News

source: Space News

I love to be inspired. I get a lot of inspiration from other domains that have at first glance not much in common with what I do. But as it turns out they often do. Tom Segert from Berlin Space Technologies, Germanys leading NEW Space company in the Aerospace industry, gave an inspiring keynote at the HPI Professional Skills Kolloquium. I gained insights on how:

* they reached for the stars when they started their journey on providing Excellence for Satellite Mass Manufacturing with a bunch of 3 crazy tech lovers

* Space Business Models can be innovated

* they jumped over more then 100 Hurdles

* classic areospace industry is not very innovative, risk avers and conservative in their needs (we want the same tech piece again we ordered 15 years ago)

* Old Space needs New Space disruption

* they got innovative in testing satellites and making reports user friendly

Thank you Tom Segert for the great Keynote and for sharing your vision and start-up journey.