I like to challenge myself and my colleagues. I like language and playing with words but what I did not do so far was wrapping it all up in a rap. So together with two colleagues of mine I wrote raps for the recaps of innovation workshops. In this case we had project on redesigned the community collaboration of a riding association. Here we go:

Fabulous, crazy, wild innovation – in just 3 days? What a provocation!

But you did a good job and surprised us a lot

How quickly the bug of Design Thinking was caught.

You came into our room and made it your lab

The results we saw at the end were just fab.

Over the river and through the woods

to the Reitervereine we went.

Petting the horses, interviewing the riders

searching for nuggets the afternoon was spent.

Telling stories,

learning about worries,

standing in the users shoes,

you figured out your point of view.

For your Persona-AHA, you knew what you had to do.

Ideation – a new sensation!

Go wild, go many, have no fears,

fail early and often, no need for tears.

Then a short stint as team lego architects

What hidden agendas did you suspect?

Fail early – fail fast – can never be wrong

Allow for reflection and go with the Gong!

Reflection on the processes, the methods and yourselves

Just do it, the books stay on the shelves.

Trust the process

Experience the experience

and go with the flow

Saving horseback ridings with post-its and Lego.

Check in, check out

Come in and be proud

warm ups in the crowd

sometimes it was loud.

Innovation is our Mission

Iteration is our Position

team, space and process

are the keys to our success.

Lots of laughter

and networking after

finding partners in crime

and go with the rhyme.

Now it’s time to receive identification

with these little pins as the verification.