Most important message first.

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In our complex and dynamic world a single leader never knows as much as their teams combined. Rather than having all the answers they need to assess situations and ask the right questions.

It is important to clarify: What is the role of the management board? We always do this before we kick-off longer agile innovation projects.

The management is often not directly involved in the agile project work. However, agile teamwork will prove to be both engaging and challenging for the teams. During the course of the project, unplannable questions and requirements will also become apparent which the team can  not solve on their own and where it is dependent on the support of the project management as well as the executive board. In individual cases, the question will arise to what extent partial results of the project work should be pursued or ignored from the management’s point of view. Here the management can send strong signals by reacting flexibly to the requests and showing where the teams are allowed to use certain leeway or not.