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Agile Teamarbeit – Agile Führung

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Leadership & Corporate Agility

Most important message first. In our complex and dynamic world a single leader never knows as much as their teams combined. Rather than having all the answers they…


Video Production: Agile Teamwork

Together with my great colleagues from the HPI Academy we are currently producing a new E-Training and book on the topic of Agile Teamwork in collaboration with the Zeit…


e:course | Agile Innovation Management – Mindset and Methods in a Nutshell

In times of constant change, innovation is crucial to remain competitive. This online course will explain how to make use of uncertainty as a tool for innovation by…


shift I F – Innovations- und Changemanagement für Frauen in Medienunternehmen

Um die digitale Transformation in der deutschen Medienbranche erfolgreich zu meistern, braucht es mehr gemischte Führungsteams, die Innovationsprozesse initiieren, gestalten und begleiten. Doch nach wie vor sind Frauen…