Flavia Bleuel - Masterclass non-verbal communication and coaching

The topic of my Masterclass for our HPI Academy Coach Certification Participants and Alumni was Non-verbal Communication and Coaching. To run this topic as an online session where you can hardly see all the faces and nothing of the torso and the rest of the body was challenging. So to still feel connected, we started with a warm up on visualizing a greeting from the Zulu: Sawubona. It means: “I see you. I feel you. I appreciate you.”

Humans communicate emotions in many ways. Not only do speech and the written word transport emotions, facial expressions also tell us, albeit non-verbally, what people are feeling. Indeed facial expressions are fundamental to our knowledge and understanding of one another. Emotions influence our actions and colour our interactions. Insights into peoples’ emotional responses help coaches effectively deal with different personalities, team dynamics and conflicts. Thanks to the great participants for making these 2 days so vivid and connected and full of exciting questions on one of my passion topics.