On the 21st of July 2016 the D.Finals of the Advanced Track took place at the HPI School of Design Thinking in Potsdam.  I had the pleasure to coach the team The Unaccountables together with my colleague Jasper. From the tech start up SMACC the got  the challenge to Redesign smart accounting workflows for small and medium businesses, focusing on effective communication and collaboration between all the participants.

For the finals I introduced the teams´ learning journey. And the stories goes like this:

Miles, Marlou

Camilla, Jan and Hilde

We can tell you for sure, die führten was im Schilde.

Dived deep into a world

they never had heard of

smart accounting you should be aware of

They learnt a new language of numbers, laws and wages

never gave up

although it was a though job.

Fields of oppurtunity were synthesized out of research

ideas generated

prototypes created

and togehter with Uli the decision was made

We need to leave the bright side

and be brave and look into the dark side.

Out of the comfort zone into unknown space.

Come on, let´s do this. Let´s start the race.

Immersed into tax accounting,

realized it is a big thing

to create something convincing

so that users can´t stop clicking.

Iteration, co-creation, fascination

all ingredients you need in a field

where a few know what´s happening

and the others wear a shield.

Bumpy road and hick ups

turned start ups into smart ups

and tax advisors into upcoming smart stars.

We need all hands now,

get off your chair

cause the Unaccountables will spin the air.