In July we ran a newly designed workshop at the HPI Academy on the topic of User Research in Design Thinking. This deep dive format gives participants the opportunity to fully immerse into advanced user research techniques. They got to know how to gain empathy for their users and how to synthesize needs and pain points out of research data.

This Open Course Deep Dive is a hands-on immersion in which small teams with a learning-by-doing attitude experience a wide range of techniques by designated experts in design thinking and user research. The intensive course is designed to help participants to use, and to get a deeper understanding of the methods involved. The aim is to provide an expanded “toolbox” to experienced design thinkers who want to know more about new methods and to show how innovative organizations apply user research today.

For the course we designed the User Research Deep Dive (Work)Book which explains all the different methods and also gives the participants the chance to document their personal learning journey. Here you can get a sneak into the Book.