I had the pleasure to run several user tests for an app development project in the field of digital health. The UX/UI Designers developed the click dummies and we had the challenge to test the user experience and user interfaces during the corona lock down.

Originally we planned to run face-to-face user testings to observe how users navigate through the click dummies and to conduct interviews afterwards. With home office time for most people we switched to a digital test scenario. We invited the users into an online meeting and shared the screen so that they could see the click dummy. We functioned as their magic mouse and asked them to think aloud while navigating through the click dummy (cognitive walk-through with think-aloud method). With this work-around of not letting them click through the wire frames themselves, we actually got much deeper insights into their expectations of functions and services. Normally tester are quite fast in navigating themselves through click dummies and you loose some of their decision points.

We learnt more about their need to do everything right when it comes to dealing with sensitive health data and the users` willingness to learn healthcare terms to be able to have a smooth communication process with their health insurance.

User Research