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Innovation: Future medical practice

Harpa, Iceland

Innovation: Redesign the Opera Experience in Iceland

Together with Hedwig Schaefer I led a diverse group of people: musicians, composers, lighting designers, project managers, opera enthusiasts and sceptics alike, through a 3-day design thinking workshop,…

cello cc

Innovation: Orchester Erlebnis

Der klassische Musikmarkt steht vor der Herausforderung neue Zielgruppen zu gewinnen und dabei treue Besucher nicht zu verlieren. In unserem  Design Thinking Workshop hat sich das Mahler Chamber…


Audience Development Concepts for Mahler Chamber Orchestra

The challenge of this project was to understand the needs of the current and future audience and to innovate the classical performance formats of the Mahler Chamber Orchestra….


Leadership: Shaping Innovation Culture

My great colleagues from Tiefenschärfe took on the mission to bring more user-centeredness into the innovation culture of  Zumtobel Group. Zumtobel Group is the leading manufacturer for lighting…


Collaboration Methods at Tech Open Air Berlin

“You need game! Creative methods for better business“ was the slogan of the Un-Conference Tech Open Air Berlin. My colleague Hedwig Pottag and I offered the workshop: “Mindsets…

DB Moving Ideas 2013

Innovation: DB Moving Ideas

In einem mehrtägigen Design Thinking Workshop haben wir mit der HPI Academy und InnoZ über 100 Teilnehmer der Deutschen Bahn darin unterstützt, innovative nutzerzentierte und umweltfreundliche Ideen rund…

Innovation: Collaborative Research

Stay Focused

Innovation: Documentation can be fun!

An international design agency asked us the help them to design more user centered and exciting project documentations. We coached them through a design thinking workshop and they…