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DT Input at Functional Aesthtics

Design Thinking for UX and UI Designers and Engineers

I had the pleasure to give an input on Design Thinking for the Designers at Functional Aesthetics GmbH in Berlin and Munic. Functional Aesthetics is the home for…


Masterclass: Nonverbal Codes – How to Read Emotions in Coaching Situations

As certified in the Facial Action Coding System and Coach for Design Thinking Steven Ney invited me to give a Master Class in the HPI Certification Programm for…

Publication: Design Thinking Mindset as the Basis for Innovation Culture


Methode: Idea Net – Brainstorming

Ich habe in einem Workshop eine neue Brainstorming Methode entwickelt. Sie heißt Idea Net/Ideennetz. Sie funktioniert so: Die Ideenjongleure brauchen eine Brainstormingfrage und ein Wollknäul. Eine Person startet und hält…

Leadership Training: Design Thinking for Danone

Lecture: Durch Nutzerforschung zur Innovation


Collaboration Methods at Tech Open Air Berlin

“You need game! Creative methods for better business“ was the slogan of the Un-Conference Tech Open Air Berlin. My colleague Hedwig Pottag and I offered the workshop: “Mindsets…


D.ictionary created at D.Confestival

At the international  d.confestival  at the HPI, a huge festival for all who are interested in design thinking and innovation culture, we conducted an experiment. My colleagues Hedwig…