EmotionsregulationAs certified in the Facial Action Coding System and Coach for Design Thinking Steven Ney invited me to give a Master Class in the HPI Certification Programm for Design Thinking.

Why have a masterclass about Nonverbal Codes? Humans communicate emotions in many ways. Not only do speech and the written word transport emotions, facial expressions also tell us, albeit non-verbally, what people are feeling. Indeed facial expressions are fundamental to our knowledge and understanding of one another. Emotions influence our actions and colour our interactions.

Insights into peoples’ emotional responses help coaches effectively deal with different personalities, team dynamics and conflicts. How, then, can you as a coach detect and analyze emotional behaviour?

The hands-on Masterclass workshop covered the following:

* Recognising facial expressions and basic emotions

* Working with blended emotions and suppressed emotions

* Understanding gestures and nonverbal cues

* The influence of contexts on embodiment and affective behaviour

* Identifying what people reveal about themselves unconsciously

* Your little helper called empathy

Thanks to all the curious participants for sharing your coaching stories and being open to learn more about yourself and the people you coach.