Together with my wonderful colleagues from the HPI Academy I had the pleasure of running a Design Thinking – Method & Mindset Session for the next generation of managers at the 3rd German Economic Forum Summer Camp in Heiligendamm.

The lead topic was digitalisation, and its challenges and opportunities for leadership. In our session we focused on the human aspect of digitisation: what are the needs of users, clients, stakeholders or employees, and how can companies come up with user-centered innovation? In small teams the managers experienced Design Thinking methods and mindsets. We used an iterated version of Molly Wilson`s Design Dash for a fast-forward team exercise.

The 3-hour session made quite an impression and gave the managers plenty of food for thought. The discussions and questions, even days later, are for us constantly inspiring and give us insights into how to bring Design Thinking and other agile innovation processes into companies.

Some impressions (photo credit: Andreas Henn)