In recents years, digitalization, changing audience habits and innovation in technology have accelerated the pace of change in the audiovisual industry, further amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic. These developments have revealed how vital it is for professionals and companies to adapt to the marketplace quickly and to embrace arising business opportunities.

This workshop from the Erich Pommer Institut welcomes those who are looking to embrace these changes and capitalize on new opportunities. Participants are introduced to a range of entrepreneurial approaches, perspectives and frameworks to help them anticipate change, innovate their business models and build sustainable businesses against the backdrop of continued change.

Andrea Olsson and I accompanied participants throughout the three days with hands-on techniques and exercises on leading innovation and change, so that they can reflect and make plans for their future businesses. They learned about hands-on tools and techniques to start their own innovation journey. Nuno Bernardo shared exclusive insight into his work at his award-winning film, TV and digital studio and how they approach and initiate innovation to ensure sustainable development in a disruptive environment. Ezra Eeman introduced participants to a holistic framework of looking at, approaching, and embedding digital transformation, supported by concrete examples from his own work.