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Design Thinking for UX Designer and Design Strategists

Design Thinking for UX Designers and Design Strategists

I had the pleasure to run a series of Design Thinking workshops for UX Designers, Design Strategists and Frontend/Backend Developer who work for Functional Aesthetics in Munich and…

Videodreh HPI Academy

Education: Design Thinking Video Shot with Zeit Akademie

Mit meinem wunderbaren Kollegenteam der HPI Academy drehen wir derzeit mit der Zeit Akademie für Zeit Wissen eine Session zu Design Thinking. Mehr Infos kommen in Kürze.

Harpa, Iceland

Innovation: Redesign the Opera Experience in Iceland

Together with Hedwig Schaefer I led a diverse group of people: musicians, composers, lighting designers, project managers, opera enthusiasts and sceptics alike, through a 3-day design thinking workshop,…


Collaboration Methods at Tech Open Air

“You need game! Creative methods for better business“ was the slogan of the Un-Conference Tech Open Air Berlin. My colleague Hedwig Pottag and I offered the workshop: “Mind…


D.ictionary created at D.Confestival

At the international  d.confestival  at the HPI, a huge festival for all who are interested in design thinking and innovation culture, we conducted an experiment. My colleagues Hedwig…