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Loading Space Experience

Empathy Work and Ideation Space/ Automobile

In a HPI Academy Design Thinking workshop with a well known German automobile company we redesigned the load in experience in utility cars. In order to help the innovation teams…

fresh start

Innovation: CoObeya qualifiziert Nahrungsmittelwirtschaft

Ein Team aus sechs CoObeya-Experten wird ab September 2016 Mitglieder eines norddeutschen Branchennetzwerks der Nahrungsmittelindustrie in Innovationsmethoden fortbilden.


Innovation: Deep Dive into User Research

In July we ran a newly designed workshop at the HPI Academy on the topic of User Research in Design Thinking. This deep dive format gives participants the…

DT Input at Functional Aesthtics

Design Thinking for UX and UI Designers and Engineers

I had the pleasure to give an input on Design Thinking for the Designers at Functional Aesthetics GmbH in Berlin and Munic. Functional Aesthetics is the home for…


Masterclass: Nonverbal Codes – How to Read Emotions in Coaching Situations

As certified in the Facial Action Coding System and Coach for Design Thinking Steven Ney invited me to give a Master Class in the HPI Certification Programm for…

Publication: Design Thinking Mindset as the Basis for Innovation Culture


Methode: Idea Net – Brainstorming

Ich habe in einem Workshop eine neue Brainstorming Methode entwickelt. Sie heißt Idea Net/Ideennetz. Sie funktioniert so: Die Ideenjongleure brauchen eine Brainstormingfrage und ein Wollknäul. Eine Person startet und hält…

Leadership Training: Design Thinking for Danone

Lecture: Durch Nutzerforschung zur Innovation


Collaboration Methods at Tech Open Air

“You need game! Creative methods for better business“ was the slogan of the Un-Conference Tech Open Air Berlin. My colleague Hedwig Pottag and I offered the workshop: “Mind…