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User-centered Design at Deutsche Bahn Operations

In the last years I had the pleasure to  to coach and accompany Andreas Bürgler, Head of Operations at Deutsche Bahn Station & Service, and his team in…

HPI Academy Lead Coach Power

3. Deutsches Wirtschaftsforum Summer Camp

Together with my wonderful colleagues from the HPI Academy I had the pleasure of running a Design Thinking – Method & Mindset Session for the next generation of managers…

Agiles Innovationsmanagment CoObeya

Agiles Innovationsmanagement

Mit meinen Partnern von CoObeya haben wir in den media docks in Lübeck die zweite Runde unseres neuen Programms Agiles Innovationsmanagement eingeleutet. Das Programm bietet die Wirtschaftsförderung Lübeck GmbH in…

Design Thinking for UX Designer and Design Strategists

Design Thinking for UX Designers and Design Strategists

I had the pleasure to run a series of Design Thinking workshops for UX Designers, Design Strategists and Frontend/Backend Developer who work for Functional Aesthetics in Munich and…


Innovation Projects in 7 Countries

CoObeya coaches innovation teams in 7 different countries to run lean start-up innovation projects for a global player. With a combination of Design Thinking, Business Model Generation and Lean…


Methods: Toolkit for agile innovation and transformation

While we were running a huge innovation project in 7 different countries with agile teams we developed a toolkit for agile innovation and transformation. The full bilingual version…

Videodreh HPI Academy

Education: Design Thinking Video Shot with Zeit Akademie

Mit meinem wunderbaren Kollegenteam der HPI Academy drehen wir derzeit mit der Zeit Akademie für Zeit Wissen eine Session zu Design Thinking. Mehr Infos kommen in Kürze.

Prototyping Material

Innovation Coaching at International Design Agency

Design Think your customer strategy! Together with Functional Aesthetics and amazing Design Thinking Coaches I engaged designers, strategists, client management and UX teams of an international design agency. Our mission…

Rapid Protoyping der Ideen

Design Thinking: DB Station & Service

In diesem Jahr lief der Gesamttreff Operations der Deutschen Bahn Station & Service unter dem Titel: Lasst uns etwas Neues probieren! Wir haben das gesamte Event als Design…

Audi Future Class Design Thinking Coaching Team

Innovation: Audi Future Class

Together with Phi360 we kicked off the  Audi Future Class. This Future Class will work in a Design Thinking Mode on the Future Challenges Audi has to face….